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Yes. In fact. self-hosting is the quickest and easiest way to legal compliance with a wide variety of regulations. By keeping data on your company servers, there is no need for contracts with other companies or complicated audit processes.

You still have to comply with security and compliance requirements demanding you take appropriate security measures. A BelmontCloud Nextcloud Subscription delivers security patches and consulting based on our expertise and Security Bug Bounty Program, helping customers to make sure this requirement is met.

To better deliver on the needs of our customers, they have access to a special Enterprise build that has been pre-configured, optimized and hardened for the special needs of large scale, production-critical enterprise deployments. Enterprise Subscription provides the following key benefits:

Improved reliability: Enterprise Subscription receives additional quality assurance to provide the highest degree of reliability and offers a longer life cycle. In many cases 10-15 years.

Improved scalability: Enterprise Subscription is pre-configured and optimized for the needs of large scale production at enterprises, rather than home users.

Improved security: Enterprise Subscription customers get priority access to security and stability fixes to guarantee smooth operation out of the box.

Certified integrity: Enterprise Subscription is a guaranteed proven, certified code base for legal compliance like GDPR and HIPAA.

Our software is used on anything from a raspberry pi for family calendar syncing to delivering secure team productivity for hundreds of thousands of employees at the German Federal Government, and French Interior Ministry, running on a large cluster with Global Scale. Those large enterprise deployments (private sector or pubic sector) have vastly different needs from the hundreds of thousands of community users that deploy our software for personal and family use.

To better deliver on the needs of our customers, we make a special Enterprise build available to them. This build is derived from the same 100% open source code base from Github but pre-configured, optimized and hardened for the special needs of large scale, production-critical enterprise deployments.

100% open source: with Enterprise, we follow the model made popular by Red Hat, SUSE, MariaDB and many others with a fully open source, enterprise focused product available for customers.

We continue to developed and improve our software as, together with our large community of contributors, its releases continue to be the first to deliver new features and improvements to users.

As home user, nothing is different. Our software solutions continue to be equally suitable for private or small business use. If you are working at a larger enterprise and want to know if our Enterprise Subscription offers you relevant benefits, you can contact any member of our sales team to discuss requirements.

Our Enterprise version is supported by a Subscription. Your subscription enables you to successfully deploy and manage your servers. Our open approach gives you direct access to our engineers, the latest knowledge and best practices. We provide technical expertise, guidance and collaboration with phone and chat contact. Pro-active security support helps you identify and address vulnerabilities and harden your servers to protect the safety and integrity of your data.

With the Enterprise subscription you get:

- Access to our Enterprise portal with associated services and benefits.
- Full lifecycle support with up to 15 years security and stability fixes.
- Technical expertise and help covering project inception to production and user growth.
- Help to scale your installation to large amounts of storage and large numbers of users.
- Security and hardening consulting and early access to security patches.
- Influence on the roadmap of the open source project.
- Our entire engineering team is dedicated to supporting you.
- Help and advice if you decide to (pay somebody to) develop a custom app or integrate existing software.
- Optional support for branding.
- Optional support for integrated video conferencing and communication features based on WebRTC.
- Optional Online Office capabilities which can handle a wide range of industry-standard file formats.
- Optional Outlook integration.
- Access to consulting for custom capabilities.
- Our consulting goes beyond technical expertise, offering strategic advice for organizations. We analyze your challenges and help you implement a comprehensive, cost-effective and compliance-aware solution which reduces complexity and risks while delivering the highest security and privacy protection.

Primarily we support English. However we have a list of authorized partners who support a vast range of other languages such as Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Mandarin and more. Contact us for the extensive list if you are in need of such support.

The short answer is Yes! We provide you with dedicated cloud hosting, clustering, load balancing, redundancy and fail-overs as well as backups once you require it. Contact any member of our sales team to assist you with your needs.

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